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Supplements: Do you need them or not?

Supplements are the topic of discussion this week on the "Health Journey" with columnist Michael Estes as he tackles one of the questions he is most often asked.


Over the past few weeks, we have been working together on learning about proper nutrition plus essential exercise and workouts.

Today, however, we are answering one of the questions I get asked about most: supplements. It seems like everyone has questions for me on this topic, and that is why we are going to talk about it right now.

The world of supplements (and deciding if you should use them or not), can be confusing for anyone. Make no mistake, there are so many options that a whole new world of questions and concerns can arise even after someone decides to take them. 

For instance, people ask: 1) "Am I being upsold with things that don't matter?" 2) "Do they really work?" 3) "Will I see the results I want?" These are all good questions.

The truth is that supplements don't deliver bad results. They just aren't designed to do that.

But they can definitely drive results faster, and they can make us perform at a better level. And that's what drives people to search for the right ones.

So I am going to outline a few health essentials for supplements that will make your health journey and your day to day life better.

5 supplement essentials

1. Omega fats  - These assist with heart health, cortisol, hormonal balances, and even help you to use fatty acids as energy!

2. Greens - A solid greens supplement (veggies) is essential to allow your body to obtain all of the minerals it needs to perform. Plus, they are necessary for proper alkalinity in the body.

3. Joints - Joint support products are wonderful. If you don't take care of the only set of joints that have, you're asking for trouble later in life. When you take joint supplements, you will notice increased mobility and less inflammation.

4. Multivitamins - Taking a multivitamin is like giving your body a tune-up that seemingly never ends! You will sleep better, have more natural energy, be in a better mood, and, of course, ensure that your immune system in on-point. Also multivitamins help you lose weight and/or gain muscle more easily because you have all the needed vitamins and are not deficient in any category.

5. Probiotics - These are essential to excellent gut health. Plus, they allow us to break down foods better and digest food at better levels while consistently preventing bloating.

Of course, supplements specifically designed for things like weight loss or muscle gain will accelerate results even faster.

But the ones above are what I call "health essentials," That's because these are the supplements that give our bodies exactly what it needs — especially when we might not get enough of some of them when we can't eat ideally.

The good news is that you can find these supplements above in major retailers and in specialty nutrition shops. So let's get after it!

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About the author: Michael Estes is a 28-year-old Sgt. in the Army National Guard and full-time Manager of 5 Star Nutrition. Having 12 years total in the health and fitness industry, he is well versed in all aspects of nutrition and fitness. Michael has a wife and two children, and he loves to drive results for anyone's goals for fitness and overall health. 
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