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Inside the Mind of Alleged Teen Killer Cesar Olalde: What His Seventh-Grade Project Reveals About His Family Life and Himself

May 25, 2023
Alleged teen killer Cesar Olalde's 7th Grade school project about his family and hobbies

Texas High School senior Cesar Olalde stands accused of allegedly committing capital murder in the deaths of four family members. 

He turned 18 in January, and Texarkana, Arkansas resident Jeff Harrelson was named his lawyer by Judge John Tidwell.

As people search for answers about the alleged Nash killer, Cesar Olalde, The Texarkana News discovered a school project Olalde created about his life, family, and hobbies in seventh grade at Texas Middle School. He was 12 or 13 years old at the time, and the project was titled "This Is Me."

A deep dive into the life of a young Cesar Olalde

The revelation of this school project might cause many to question the events that led to the alleged murder of four family members during a standoff on May 23, 2023.

The deaths of the Olalde family have shocked the Nash and Greater Texarkana community - especially with the revelation that Olalde allegedly believed his family were cannibals who might eat him.

The teacher of Olalde's seventh-grade class was apparently Tara Hogue, who was listed on the project and was known to be an educator at Texas Middle School at the time. The discovery of Olalde's school project raises questions about the alleged killer's past, his bond with family members, and his interests as a young boy.

Cesar Olalde discusses his family

Based on 18-year-old Cesar Olalde's seventh-grade project, "This Is Me," his family was essential to his life.

He discusses five family members - four killed on May 23. The family members who died include his father, Reuben Olalde, his mother, Aida Garcia, his sister, Lisbet Olalde, and his brother, Oliver Olalde.

Olalde described himself as "a Latino boy" born in the United States. However, he said that both his parents were from Mexico, with his father being from a place called "Calderon" and his mother from a populated area called "Nopalera."

In the 7th Grade project at Texas Middle School, Olalde also mentioned that he had three siblings - a baby brother named Oliver, and two older sisters, Lisbet, 19 at the time, and Diana, 21. This suggests that he came from a relatively large family and may have had close relationships with his siblings.

The surviving oldest sister he mentioned, Diana, has created a GoFundMe page to help pay for the funerals of her four family members. Click here to donate.

Cesar Olalde discusses his family in school project. Four family members were killed

Information about the alleged killer's family history is particularly important in light of his alleged crime, and this school project offers some insight into his upbringing.

It suggests that he placed great significance on his Mexican heritage, and his family played a significant role in shaping his values and interests.

Cesar Olalde shares his hobbies

Based on the words of 18-year-old Cesar Olalde when he was in seventh grade, he had two main hobbies: playing soccer and video games.

Olalde mentioned that he enjoyed playing video games because it allowed him to escape reality when he was stressed.

Cesar Olalde, the alleged Nash killer of four family members, discusses his hobbies

This shows that he used video games as a coping mechanism for dealing with difficult emotions.

As for soccer, Olalde shared that it was his favorite sport, and he enjoyed the adrenaline rush he experienced while on the field.

Overall, these hobbies seem like typical interests for someone his age, suggesting that Olalde was interested in the same physical and mental stimulation as other 7th grade students.

Cesar Olalde hoped to attend Southern Arkansas University

According to Cesar Olalde's school project, he was enrolled at Texas Middle School, which he called the "Home of the Tiger." He also mentioned that he was in "all AP (Advanced Placement) classes and made good grades.

Olalde shared that he had aspirations to attend Southern Arkansas University but was still determining what career he wanted to pursue. However, he expressed a desire to work in the medical field, suggesting that he had some interest in and passion for the subject.

Cesar Olalde lists his educational goals at Texas Middle School after being accused of murdering family members

These facts suggest that Cesar Olalde was a motivated student with high hopes for his future, although it still unclear how his ambitions had shifted or evolved in the years since creating the project.

Cesar Olalde talks about himself

According to Cesar Olalde's seventh-grade project, he was born on January 8, 2005. This date was confirmed by police in an arrest report.

Olalde shared that he comes from what he called "Spanish descent," and he said, both his parents were born in Mexico. 

Once again, this indicates the importance he placed on his Hispanic cultural background.

Cesar Olalde talks about himself in 7th grade school project in Texarkana

It remains unknown how Olalde's background and childhood may have contributed to his alleged crimes, but the discovery of his seventh-grade project suggests that there could be more to his past than meets the eye.

The final section in Cesar Olalde's school project discussed social media. He listed now inactive Instagram and Snapchat accounts. But Olalde confessed that he was not active on the sites. 

"I rarely post anything," the seventh-grade Olalde said.

What we learned from the 7th-grade school project

The case of the alleged teen killer, Cesar Olalde, has taken a curious turn, with details about his seventh-grade project "This Is Me" shedding light on his past hobbies, family life, and education. 

The project, created when Olalde was 12 or 13 years old, described him as a motivated student with aspirations to attend Southern Arkansas University and work in the medical field. However, he also had quite normal interests, including soccer, video games, and spending time with his family.

While answers are unlikely to be found in a seventh-grade project, this school project adds another layer to the complex story of this alleged teen killer. 

But as the case unfolds, friends and neighbors of the Olalde family privately told us they will continue to mourn - both for the deceased family members who passed and for Cesar Olalde.

Remembering the Olalde family members who died

Surviving sister Diana Olalde's heartbreaking words on the family's GoFundMe page encapsulate the incredible loss she has endured after losing almost her entire family in one tragic event. 

She described her father as a hardworking man; her mother as a kind and caring person; her sister as full of aspirations and dreams; and her little brother as a funny and cheerful child.

All were snatched away in a moment. Her words not only reveal the irreplaceable loss she has suffered but the tragedy that has left a profound and devastating effect on her life. Her heartfelt comments are a reminder of the fragility of life and the tragedy that can occur in a split second.

Diana's brother, Cesar Olalde, remains jailed at the Bi-State Justice Center in Texarkana on a $10 million bond. Like all accused individuals, the Texas High School senior should be presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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