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IT'S OVER: Boil order for Texarkana, Wake Village and Nash has been rescinded

Water will not need to be boiled in Texarkana, Wake Village and Nash after the order has been rescinded.

A Texarkana News reporter spoke directly to the Texarkana Water Utilities office, and we will continue to update the water boil order.

On Sunday, the Texarkana water official said a leak been discovered in the water main on N. State Line Ave. a little after 5 am.

Because of the major leak, the city's water supply drained. This led to the valve being shut off before 10 am on Sunday.

While the pumping resumed, testing had to be conducted to ensure the water was safe to drink.

The boil order came at an awkward time for many retailers as stock levels are low after a busy Saturday of shopping in Texarkana saw shelves full of water emptied due to coronavirus preparation.

However, boiling was a safe and effective way to ensure Texarkana water was safe as testing continued and the refilling of the normal water supply continued.

The rescinded boil order should come as a relief to the Texarkana area as it prepares to tackle the issue of "social distancing" due to the coronavirus.

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