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Aw shucks! No media allowed at Texas High School graduation but graduates and students will be out in full force

We are so proud of our Texas High School graduates. All the work and sacrifice has paid off, and we share in the joy felt by all involved.

The Texarkana News was trying to get a preview of the speakers at the event, but it is apparently top secret!

We wanted to find out what was on the graduation program and the order of the graduation ceremony, but they are keeping it tightly under wraps until 2 pm tomorrow.

The main graduation with the graduates present in person will be held at First Baptist Church on Moores Lane, and the overflow crowd will be held at the Sullivan Performing Arts Center.

We tried several times to call the public information officer Tina Veal-Gooch to find out the information and finally got a response. No one can say we are not persistent.
Here is all we know from Tina Veal-Gooch, public information officer. This is her official written (via text) response to our inquiry about the program of events, but we added the bold lettering: "The event tomorrow is a private event for students, parents and family. No media is allowed to attend nor do we send to media our programs. Details on the graduating honor students comes out later in June. Thank you."

It sounds like Tina thought we were going to crash graduation. But we weren't!

We will be covering the graduation... but from afar. Maybe the parking lot? Just kidding.

We actually never even asked to attend the graduation, so the uber-protective Tina Veal-Gooch must have just assumed we wanted to do so.

We're just so proud of our Texas High seniors, and we wanted a scoop about who the speakers would be for the event. No one can blame a reporter for that.

Congrats again to our Texas High graduates. We cannot imagine the success you will have, and we hope you stay in Texarkana or come back to Texarkana after college.

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