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Jake Bequette brags about money and diamonds at political conference

Mar 29, 2022

Attendees of a political gathering are probably still scratching their heads, wondering about the odd behavior of U.S. Senate candidate Jake Bequette on the last day of CPAC 2022 in Orlando, Florida.

Wanna try on my ring?

Bequette "let" women try on the Superbowl ring he peculiarly brought with him to an important political conference. He didn't play one second during the entire winning football season. But he falsely says on his website biography that he "played."

Bequette is already facing controversy for proclaiming that HE "won a Superbowl" in 2015 when he was on the practice squad and never played in any game during the Patriots' championship season.

Even so, videos from the CPAC event showed that the 33-year-old Bequette seemed to get particular pleasure in "letting" women try on the ring, including at least two reporters. Creepy.

Money, money,  Never Trump money

Jake Bequette was also super boastful about the money he said he had already raised. 

Apparently, he is really proud of snagging a $1 million donation from an out-of-state, anti-Trump billionaire for a PAC paying for his cable TV ad blitz. 

Vanity Fair called Bequette's donor, Richard Uihlein, one of the "anti-Trump luminaries" and part of the "anti-Trump elite." (March 21, 2019).

Come to think of it, the entire Orlando situation with Jake Bequette is odd - for a couple of reasons.

First of all, Bequette is asking Arkansas voters to give him a long, six-year term in the upper chamber of Congress. But he is acting like a reality TV star who arrived in Vegas to show off the $500,000 check he just won on Big Brother.

Second, it is peculiar that Jake Bequette is still carrying around a ring he received way back in 2015 for a game and season where he did not play for one second - to impress out-of-state women and men he doesn't know at a political conference.

A reporter gets close to the truth

A YouTube video from the CPAC event shows Bequette being interviewed by a female RSBN reporter on February 27, 2022, whom he "allowed" to try on his ring.

The reporter still had the diamond ring on as the interview began. She showed it to the camera, while Bequette looked quite satisfied in the background.

During the interview, Jake Bequette purposely avoids all talk about leaving his job in Boston in 2015.

And he also intentionally avoids the topic of going to law school at Georgetown in Washington, D.C. - because he has heavily campaigned against the city that he calls the "swamp." 

Jake Bequette's campaign biography, which falsely said he joined the military in 2015, led to an accusation of "stolen valor" against him by a Department of Defense source on July 26, 2021, in the conservative publication the National File. The article is titled "Arkansas Senate Candidate Claimed He Joined Army In 2015, Actually Joined In 2017."

Did you forget something, Mr. Bequette?

Unlike most interviews with Jake Bequette, the RSBN reporter actually tries to get to the bottom of his biography. As a result, she stops him from repeating the memorized lines he uses in every other interview. 

Here is what was said after the reporter stopped Bequette's rehearsed biographical spiel with a question. See if you can spot his untruthful statement:

Reporter: So you were a college football player and then an Army...?

Bequette: Well, yeah, so I played professional football for the Patriots for four years.

Reporter: Forgot about that.

Bequette: And then went into the military. 

Notice Jake Bequette said: "And THEN went into the military."

The actual truth is that Jake Bequette THEN went to law school at Georgetown in what he calls the "swamp" of Washington, D.C.

You wouldn't know this from reading an article, but the video shows Bequette's eyes shifted when the reporter questioned his biography.

Religion reporter makes him squirm

On January 13, 2022, a male CBN reporter began an interview with Jake Bequette that was supposed to be focused on Bequette's Catholicism.

As the interview progressed, the reporter seemed to make Jake Bequette visibly uncomfortable with pointed biographical questions that were not about his life in the Catholic church. Bequette even nervously rose a few inches from his chair to adjust himself seconds before the reporter asked the most probing question of the interview.

When the reporter asked if Bequette had deployed to Iraq in 2017, Bequette's eyes began darting. At that moment, he should have told the reporter right then and there that he joined the military in the latter part of 2017.

But that's not what Jake Bequette decided to do. Instead, with his face showing visible discomfort, Bequette sputtered: "That was 2019."

Bequette's eyes dart downward after the reporter seemed to accept his nervous answer.

He really brags a lot - Like a lot

As you may have noticed, Jake Bequette is a "braggadocious" fellow. He boasts about millions of dollars and shows off diamonds from a football season in which he did not even play.

If Arkansas voters elect Jake Bequette, he will be given a salary of $1,044,000 during his six-year term. Yes, the 33-year-old will be paid over a million dollars. And that doesn't even include the many perks of Senate officeholders.

Since Bequette seems to have the "bragging gene," it must be hard for him to refrain mentioning that he attended prestigious Georgetown University (aka the "swampiest" law school in America).

Maybe during those moments when his eyes are shifting as reporters get closer to the truth, Jake Bequette briefly considers boasting about the time he spent at Georgetown - famed for fostering Washington, D.C. connections that last a lifetime.

But then he remembers he told everyone he is a Washington "outsider."

So he stops himself... before he gives away the game.

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